NanoHive-1 (NH1) is a modular simulator created by Brian Helfrich which is used for modeling the physical world at a nanometer scale. The intended purpose of the simulator is to act as a tool for the study, experimentation, and development of nanotech entities. NanoHive-1 is a GPL/LGPL licensed open-source development - you can download and use it for free. NanoHive-1 can be run stand-alone, or easily integrated to support other applications such as CAD tools.

NanoHive@Home (NHAH) is a distributed computing system also created by Brian Helfrich based on the BOINC platform that was used for large-scale nanotech systems simulation and analysis; drawing its computing power from otherwise idle computers sitting in people's homes. The goal of NanoHive@Home was to perform large-scale nanosystems simulation and analysis that was otherwise too intensive to be calculated via normal means, and thereby enable further scientific study in the field of nanotechnology.

The Tooltip Failure Mode Search Project, conducted by Brian Helfrich and Dr. Damian Allis ran on NHAH from February 2007 through May 2007. It utilized computing cycles donated from over 6,000 computers worldwide and reached a peak performance of nearly 3 teraFLOPS. Here are links to the explanations and results of the project:

  1. Explanation
  2. Results
  3. Publication

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